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Joseph Lyles

The Resurrection Rock Trilogy

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Silver Iridium is the most rare substance on Earth, since the world's entire supply comes from mining ancient meteor and asteroid strikes.  Yet it is common when compared to the fabled Black Iridium.  In fact, many people say that this radioactive isotope of the silver metal does not exist; and even if it does, tales of its power are wildly exaggerated.

Could a rock be the key to everlasting life? Eternal youth? Unlimited fortune?  Jason and his girlfriend, Paulina, seek to answer these questions as they voyage to another world in search of it.  He knows that he must have the Black Iridium if he is to save his father, who is hovering near death.  Nor is he alone in his belief that Black Iridium can be found beyond the Solar System.  His efforts to obtain the ultimate power source come to the attention of a criminal mastermind of the illegal sex-clone trade who will stop at nothing to possess

The Resurrection Rock

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 $5.00 Electronic Edition

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The Resurrection Rock Trilogy


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Joseph Lyles

June15, 2002 -June 15, 2004