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George P​hillies

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This Shin​ing Sea

George Phillies

Their powers came from beyond the stars!

...From an alternate-history Earth -- an Earth like ours, except for the few people who can fly, read minds, or shoot lightning bolts from their fingertips.    

Now they're here.  On our Earth.  

A band of two heroes, two heroines...

Comet...the fastest flier in the world.
Aurora...Mistress of psionics.  Player of games.
Star...Master of sunfire.  Aurora's twin brother.
Cloud...Hurler of the lightnings
... and their World's leading enemy of humanity
Eclipse, the enigmatic. 

She says she saved the world.  The League of Nations says she needs a swift trial and a slow execution.    

Can even their powers stop...

The unseen menace.

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The Min​utegirls

George Phillies


Nice young women
who just want some good clean fun
with power armor, plenty of high explosives,
and a few cute Minuteboys.

It is 2174.

From the hills of American Manchuria
to the depths of Outer Space.

America's Girl Militia battles Franco-German Treachery

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Mistress of the Waves

George Philli​es

Orphaned Amanda Kirasdotr is a sailor on the lost planet Goddard. When she rescues a visiting starfarer from drowning, her reward is a trip into orbit. Now she wants to go there again, not easy when the hottest ship on Goddard has three masts and a full set of sails.

The shadowy Brotherhood of the Bell realizes that Amanda wants to bring that most dreaded of all menaces, change, to Goddard. They'll do absolutely anything to stop her.

Amanda begins with her wits, her determination, and her dory Northstar.

She's up against typhoons, pirates, assassins, financial bubbles, starfarer ultratech, and the mythical giant ship-eating squid. Can she beat them all to find the path to her dream?

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The One World

George Philli​es

The Holy Musketeers have found another continent to loot. The opposition? The primitive natives have no muskets and no cannon. Their cowardly men send their women to fight. 

The people of The One World face invaders with incomprehensible weapons and inscrutable objectives. Spears? Swords? City walls? Nothing stops the invaders from beyond. 

Between the Musketeers and the One World stands a single woman. Evaine is an amazon warrior and a wily strategist. Can even she defeat the Musketeers, or is civilization doomed?

Evaine must contend with political infighting, assassins, magicians, mistrust, and gross political corruption, not to mention being outnumbered three-to-one.  

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Nine Gees

George Phillies

Nine Gees...eight short stori​es and an epic poem by George Phillies.

Nine Gees...spanning medieval fantasy, space piracy, mentalic duels, aliens, classical theology, and the monster that hides under the bed.

Modern literary heroes drown in their own angst. Phillies' heroines prefer sword, pistol, spell, weapons of mass destruction...and courage and determination.

Electronic Books: $5.99
Paperbacks: $19.89

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