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George P​hillies

Science Fiction / Fantasy - Gaming - Politics


George Phillies is Professor of Physics and Associated Biochemistry Faculty at the Worcester Polytechnic Institute (, where he spends his time teaching undergraduates and plumbing the unsolved mysteries of complex fluid dynamics. In his spare time, he writes science fiction, collects board war games ('largest collection in North America'), and contributes to his community through the Libertarian Party (, the Strategy Gaming Society (, and the American Civil Liberties Union.Phillies spent his undergraduate and graduate days at MIT (1964-1975), where he was Librarian of the MIT Science Fiction Society.  

Before moving to WPI, he worked at the UCLA and University of Michigan Chemistry Departments.  Phillies now lives in Worcester with his game collection."This Shining Sea" is his first published science fiction novel.  "This Shining Sea" asks 'what is the price of power?' What does power avail you if you don't know where you are, don't know who is friend or foe, don't know who are your real opponents?  'Stand Up for Liberty!' is a book on political *strategy*.  It's not about *philosophy* --- 'what we should do if we win elections'.  It's not a book on *tactics* --- 'how to press the flesh and win your election'.  It's about *strategy* -- 'how to change the Libertarian Party into a party that wins election after election, year after year after year'.