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by G. M. Levin


Dr. Gregory M. Levin, a botanist, spent close to 40 years in the Turkmen area of Central Asia, now called Turkmenistan. He spent most of that time at the Kara-Kala Experiment Station of Genetic Resources (now called Garrigala). This area of the world is the within the point of origin of the pomegranate and pomegranates still grow wild in the area.

He was in charge of the pomegranate collection at the station and amassed a collection of 1,117 different cultivars of pomegranates, the world’s largest collection. With the experimentation and treks to collect plant material he is considered one of the world’s leading experts on Punica granatum.

Within this book are the results of many years of research by Dr. Levin and many others as to the botanical characteristics of the pomegranate. From fruit characteristics, to breeding procedures to the differences in many varieties; with notes from around the world.

With the pomegranate’s fortunes on the upswing because of the numerous health benefits now associated with the fruit, this is a must have book for plant breeders, researchers and general horticulturalists. The juice of this fruit is gaining fame in many areas of the world. Producers cannot grow enough to supply demand at this time but plantings are expanding rapidly.

This is the first scientific book devoted exclusively to the culture and breeding of Punica granatum, the pomegranate.

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