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Nelani Nettrour is a writer of fantasy novels, children's books, and poetry, who lives in Northern Wisconsin.

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Sometimes we take baby steps, uncertain and needing of help.  Sometimes toddling steps—surer, yet still not confident.  Sometimes we take a giant step—leaping, bounding forward.  Sometimes we take a backward step, when we see we’ve taken a wrong path.  Sometimes our steps are joyous, running steps, when we feel we are barely touching the ground.  At times we drag our feet in sorrow, grief, loneliness, and uncertainty, when our feet feel leaden.  Sometimes we walk alone, sometimes with friends, family, our mate.  But all our life is filled with steps—forward, backward, or sideways, full of confidence or faltering.  Life is full of steps.

The poetry of "Steps" is now available printed on 8 ˝ x 11 canvas, coated with a satin finish for protection, attached to a wooden frame, and shipped to you ready to hang, The poetry is printed superimposed on background pictures taken in the North Woods area by Nelani A. Nettrour.

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Life's Garden

Visions of 2011, Book 1

When I first set out to write this second book of poetry and musings and a short story, I was hoping for a version of praise and joyful expectation.  I had included many of my poetry written in hardships and heartache in Steps.  I was hoping that I could be done with such struggles, for a time at least.  But some things have happened to me personally, and to our country, that has caused a change in many of the words of expression.

Life is a lot like a garden, with seasons of growth, and rest, plenty and want.

Poetry and artwork done on special dates throughout the first half of 2011. Most of the dates were chosen at the beginning of the year. Heather always thought that 2011 would be an important, monumental year.

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Steps is a montage of poetry, musings and the short story A Trespass in Time.  Pathways includes Nelani's poetry and the novelette, The Forgotten Void.  For those who are already enchanted with Nelani’s writing, it is one more avenue of her expression.  For others it is a taste of what awaits them once they begin to delve into her works.

These are just the beginning of Nelani’s writings.  Come back often and check out the new additions as they are added.

You may contact her at

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Steps Pathways Life's Garden Visions of 2011, Bk 1 Canvas Poetry Works


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Nelani A. Nettrour

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