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Soaring Free

Artwork by Jasmine Nettrour (JAZ), © 1999

Interior Artwork by Heather Nettrour

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There are certain Universal concepts, love being one of them. Love colors all the choices we make in our lives, with either light or darkness, depending on how we fare in our quest of it.

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From a world where flying was as normal as walking, where a thought could transport her, Arista was cast out. Memories of her true life are stolen from her. Exiled from all she held dear she is forced to start her life over on a world foreign to her. Newly born in that world, but not of it, she grows to womanhood. Glimpses of who she really is, what she has lost, slowly emerge in the most unexpected of ways.

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Excerpt from Soaring Free

Then she saw his face and it was as if a dagger pierced her heart and twisted there, pulling the joy out of her in her pain and longing. His eyes held hers for a moment and she remembered why she had been sent away, yet she loved him. She loved him with a love so deep that the love itself had become a part of her very being.

Worlds apart and endless miles could not end that love. She saw it in his eyes and felt it in his expression. His look sent a quiver through her and the look she returned left him in no doubt. He smiled to her. It was a gentle smile, but it opened her heart in tender agony. She could feel the joy behind his smile, but also the pain it hid. The pain she shared, but wouldn’t give up, if it meant giving up his love. She could see the loneliness and the longing that touched his smile and tinged his eyes as they gazed upon her from across endless space. All of it took but a moment. A moment that twisted her heart in knots. A moment that proclaimed the magnitude of her loss. The tenor of the music the colors sang was changing. It filled her heart with warnings. She would not hear them. Every sound, every feeling, every look was for him alone. Everything else around her was as blackness.

He stood across from her, but she could still feel his presence, strong and powerful, full of love beckoning to her. She felt her very soul reach out to him. She felt his response devour the empty places of her heart. For the first time, in a long time, she felt truly alive! She hadn’t noticed herself moving, but somehow they were almost within reach of one another. He lifted his arms towards her. She raised hers to him, almost to touch; almost close enough to grasp, yet an endless gulf away. His eyes held hers and she was lost in them. At that moment she would have given anything to be with him. She would not have counted the cost. Her desire was so strong; her anguish so great.

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