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E. Douglas Brown                  

The Chosen One - Fantasy 

Have you ever thought of what it would be like if beings from another planet controlled human dreams?  No?  Then you are in for a treat.  Enter the world of the Nightmares and the Dream Weavers, two groups of aliens at constant war with one another, aliens with the power to influence what we see in our nightly visions.
Come to a world where the Nightmares are locked in an eternal struggle with the Dream Weavers, a world where darkness grows with each Nightmare victory.  Defeat seems certain when the Nightmares discover an element that will make them rulers of the cosmos.
All that stands in their way are two unsuspecting humans on Earth, one of whom holds the key to the ancient conflict, but who refuses to recognize the awesome power he holds over the aliens.  Can the Dream Weavers be saved, and with them, Earth?

Nick Kisella


The Chalice of Souls - Fantasy

Mandar, the mightiest warrior of the ancient continent Tharvus, before the dawn of history, is launched into an odyssey by the gods known as the Five Lords.  The Seven Deviants, a rival group of gods, has deemed that all life on Tharvus must end.  They have stolen the power of the Five Lords, which resided in a golden chalice and empowered their human agent, the wizard Vul, to destroy it.  Mandar, the savage barbarian, armed with the Doomweaver, an indestructible broadsword from the Five Lords, is thrust into a war between gods that he has no desire to take part in, with the future of mankind the prize and Death as his only ally.

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Michael J. Livolsi


Jonathon Archer - The Quest - Fantasy

As God looks down upon the earth from his heavenly realm, he is witness to the ongoing battle between Good and Evil. God created the existence of two distinct universes so that, in the end, they would coexist in separate realities and bring all things Good to their people.   Each universe would have free will to choose Good over Evil, but no single universe, on its own, can unite the two.  The choice mankind must make to determine their ultimate fate and abolish greed and selfishness for future generations is to be in the hands of a “Chosen One.”  It was intended from the beginning that the forces of Good would prevail over evil, and the hourglass would be turned forever.


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Peter L. Manly                 

Dragon Three Two Niner - Fantasy

Georgine the Dragon tolerated Humans, generally ignored Elves stayed out of the way of trolls (wise policy for anybody -- even other trolls).  Goergine's favorite person was Irulana, a lesser princess and a great pilot who led her dragon to interesting places and wonderful flights.  It might have been an ideal dragon's life except for some of the characters that Irulana got them mixed up with.

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H. G. Martin


Doctor Diablo - Fantasy

He is a charming, arrogant genius with wealth, good looks, and a playboy-bachelor lifestyle that any guy would envy.  He’s also possibly the world’s greatest super villain.
Jonathan Blanc was a nameless, homeless foundling who conquered adversity and his humble beginnings to make something of himself.  Unfortunately, what he made was San Francisco’s greatest criminal mastermind, the infamous Doctor Diablo.
Life was brilliant and perfect (as he demanded) until Doctor Diablo ran afoul of the Bay Area’s most vicious, monstrous gang-lord, the Crusher.
Now Diablo must find a way to overcome a lethal, unstoppable madman, bent on putting him to a painful, lingering death.  Along the way he just might learn the value of love, friendship, and redemption, if he survives.

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Steve Martindale


Aesir Trilogy - Science Fiction / Fantasy

      In the Icelandic fishing village of Nordfjordur, they take their gods seriously, and each person has his own way of dealing with them:
 Erik Thorkilsson, an awkward fifteen-year-old, whose hard-edged American uncle harbors a dark secret.
 Father Viktor Johnsson, Catholic priest, aboard a spaceship hurtling toward what may possibly be the ash tree Yggdrasil.
 Arnor Eriksson, the last remaining inhabitant in Iceland, left to tend Odin’s garden.
Each of them may follow a path differing from the others, but they have one thing in common: the Norns have yet to cut their threads.

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Nelani Nettrour                  

Soaring Free - Fantasy   

From a world where flying was as normal as walking, where a thought could transport her, Arista was cast out. Memories of her true life are stolen from her. Exiled from all she held dear she is forced to start her life over on a world foreign to her. Newly born in that world, but not of it, she grows to womanhood. Glimpses of who she really is, what she has lost, slowly emerge in the most unexpected of ways.
The first book in the "Soaring Free Trilogy."


Arcan's Revenge - Fantasy   


There are some things that can eat away at a soul until all that remains is darkness.  There are some emotions so black that Evil itself is awakened.  To fight against such forces might seem insurmountable, but that is what Arista must do. 
The second book in the "Soaring Free Trilogy."

A Fatal Blow - Fantasy    

Life has a way of twisting, shifting—altering even the most well formed plans.  Each is left struggling to find answers to questions they’d never dreamed they would have to face—choices of one, impacting the whole.
The third book in the "Soaring Free Trilogy."



Chantra's Awakening - Fantasy    

Chantra has left her childhood behind, but in so doing has lost touch with that which could save her in the coming days.

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George Phillies

This Shining Sea - Science Fiction    

Meet Eclipse.
She's pretty, hardworking, bright, self-reliant, good with tools.  Everything a twelve-year old girl should be.  She also flies and reads minds.
Now she's here on our Earth. But even her powers may not be enough to stop The Invisible Menace.

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Nine Gees - A Collection of Shorter Fiction     

Nine Gees...eight short stories and an epic poem by George Phillies.
Nine Gees...spanning medieval fantasy, space piracy, mentalic duels, aliens, classical theology, and the monster that hides under the bed.
Modern literary heroes drown in their own angst. Phillies' heroines prefer sword, pistol, spell, weapons of mass destruction...and courage and determination.

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